Pelly is the "Pearl of the Parkland" 

Pelly, a thriving Saskatchewan community, has friendly people, a diverse heritage, fabulous recreation, many farms and ranches, plus a unique place in the history of Saskatchewan and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Have a look at our web site and you will want to visit our Village and see for yourself. 

Try viewing us on Google Maps and wander through Pelly with the "street view". You will see me sitting on the cafe porch.

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A sad day for the Village of Pelly - June 13, 2015

Our beloved Museum has come to a tragic end. A fire has removed this iconic landmark from our community. As I write this, the fire is still smouldering and the cause is not known.


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CBC News June 15, 2015

"A devastating fire that destroyed a local museum on the weekend appears to have been deliberately set, Kamsack RCMP say.

The blaze started Saturday around 3 p.m. CST and caused extensive damage to the Fort Pelly-Livingstone Museum in the village of Pelly, Sask.

RCMP said firefighters from the village and nearby Norquay were on the scene fighting the fire.

No one was hurt in the blaze, but the museum and an adjacent train boxcar were destroyed.

RCMP said the fire remains under investigation and were asking anyone with information to contact them at the Kamsack detachment, at 306-542-5560.”  


Notice of Abandonment of Poll (Sept 22, 2016)

The following have been elected by acclamation:

Mayor:  Sharon Nelson

Councillors: Trevor Auchstaetter, John Llewellyn, and Kevin Krotenko

Nominations are open for one additional Councillor until 4 pm, Oct 5, 2016

                                                                                   Pelly, the "Pearl of the Parkland".