Pelly Happy Hearts has a requirement for an open term cleaning contractor.  The position requires interior cleaning, snow removal, lawn care and other miscellaneous duties.  The contractor is NOT an employee and as such must have a current Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) certificate, Workers Compensation Coverage and to participate in OHS site safety orientation. 

The hours of operation are flexible but the contractor must anticipate needs based on Center activity and weather situations.

Please indicate remuneration expected and include references.  If you have any questions please contact Loraine (306) 595-2323 or Ruth - at (306) 595-4418

This competition closes 15 February 2020


Draft copy of contract

Contract for Janitorial Services for the Pelly Happy Hearts Club Centre


Between Pelly Happy Hearts Club, P.O. Box 216, Pelly, Saskatchewan



hereafter known as the “Janitorial Service”


The Pelly Happy Hearts Club hereby enters into an agreement with the Janitorial Service, and the said agreement shall be binding on both parties for a period of one year commencing on February 10, 2020 and ending on February 28, 2020


The Pelly Happy Hearts Club and the Janitorial Service hereby enter into an agreement for the Janitorial Service as described herein.  The nature of this agreement between the Pelly Happy Hearts Club and the Janitorial Service is a business relationship, and the Janitorial Service is and will be operating at all times as an independent contractor and not an employee.  Thus the Pelly Happy Hearts Club will not be obligated to pay any form of holiday pay, employment insurance, or any other fees not specified in this agreement either while the agreement is in force or at any time after the agreement is terminated.

The Janitorial Service hereby agrees:

a)      To keep the recreation centre in a state of cleanliness to the satisfaction of the Pelly Happy Hearts Club as per Schedule A of this agreement.

b)  To provide a current WHMIS certificate and to operate the Janitorial Service in compliance with WHMIS.

c)  To report to the Pelly Happy Hearts Club any conditions or circumstances that may cause or contribute to an unsafe or unhealthy environment within the Centre.

d)  To perform the duties as described in Schedule A for a period of one year for a fee of $400.00 per month, to be paid in two installments on the 15th and on the last day of the month.

e)  To participate in a site safety orientation as required by OHS regulations and to fulfill all obligations under OHS as specified.  See Schedule B.

f)  To not assign this agreement to others and to provide own Workers Compensation should anyone other than the principals of the Janitorial Service be hired to assist with this contract.

g)  That the Janitorial Service be at liberty to select his/her hours of work on any given day subject to the limitations described in Schedule A.

      h)  To open and close the Centre for events other than those sponsored by Pelly Happy Hearts.

      i)  To keep a daily log with work descriptions and time spent.



The Pelly Happy Hearts Club Agrees:

a)      To maintain the Centre and its equipment in a state of good repair so as to protect the health and safety of the Janitorial Service.

b)      To provide vacuum equipment and all cleaning supplies and materials

(e.g.: hand/dish/dishwasher soap, paper products, trash liners, urinal pucks, etc.)   

These materials shall be safe for use by the Janitorial Service and be safe for enjoyment of the volunteers and visitors to the Club.

c)      To ensure and guarantee the prompt payment of the contractual fees as described herein.

d)      To provide 30 days written notice of Pelly Happy Hearts Club’s intention to terminate the contract.

e)      To provide Workers Compensation Coverage if the Janitorial Service does not possess such coverage.


This Contract for Janitorial Services can be updated as situations change.


Signed this _____ day of ____________, 2020.


For Pelly Happy Hearts:  Contract Managers:  


_____________________________________     _______________________________


For the Janitorial Service: 


____________________________________     ________________________________


Witness for Pelly Happy Hearts                                  Witness for Janitorial Service


______________________________                                    _______________________________                     







Schedule A:  Services to be Provided


Services to be provided at the leisure of Janitorial Service, but as soon as possible after each event.   -  Friday evening bingo

              -  Wednesday evening bingo

 -  Any special events (tea, tournament, holiday event, etc.)

             -  Regular events (Nurse Practitioner, exercise group, yoga, etc.)


For these visits, the required services are

-          Clean washrooms and wash washroom floors after every event.

-          Wipe tables that have been in use

-          Clean kitchen floor, counter

-          Ensure entrances are clear of obstructions

-          Empty dehumidifier and wash buckets into sink in storage room.

-          In winter, clear snow from entrances and emergency exits, from sidewalk in front of the Happy Hearts property, from Breezeway, and from back parking lot.  Snow must be cleared from each exit to the sidewalk or to the back parking lot.


At least once weekly, or when needed

-          Vacuum rug area

-          Wash bingo room floor area.

-          Grass cutting and trimming

-          Remove dust from all furniture, shelving, etc.

-          Check furnace room for leaks or problems.

-          Clean central vacuum as required.


Schedule B:  Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

The Pelly Happy Hearts Club and the Janitorial Service will participate in the following required activities under OHS Legislation.

-          Site Orientation

-          Fire and emergency procedures

-          First Aid facility location

-          Identification of restricted areas

-          Chemical, biological and physical hazards

-          Using required personal protective equipment

-          Ergonomic injury

-          Working alone