Pelly History

The 1983 History of Pelly committee produced a two volume history of the area. The links to the volumes are on the right ("Our Roots"). This is a sample page from vol. 1.


Pelly Doukhobor Society

In 1899, some seventy-five hundred people fleeing their homeland in Russia, settled in Canada and became known as the Doukhobors (Spiritual Wrestlers). They had no money, no equipment, but they knew how to clear land, break soil, plant crops and build shelters. With the help of British and American Quakers, the Tolstoyans and the Canadian Government, they soon established in their new environment. Settling of the Doukhobors in Canada took place in the Thunder Hill area (north-east of the Village of Pelly).

                                                                                   Pelly, the "Pearl of the Parkland".