Richardson Square

Richardson Square - 06

Richardson Square, Pelly

Excerpt from "Richardson's Ramblings" by E. George Richardson, 2007 p. 69

"My own mother, God rest her soul, was a nurse and midwife in those hunger poverty-stricken times when a doctor was many miles away and his fee was out of range of many but a few chosen few.

Dr. Robertson, of Benito, Manitoba once said, "If it wasn't for Vicky Richardson, the graveyards in this district would be much fuller."

Richardson Square - 10

My mother died in 1970, at the age of 88 years. At her funeral there were many hundreds of people who had been helped into this world by her and many more whom she had helped in a first aid capacity. 

Five years ago, my home village named a community home for the aged in her honour and I started a scholarship for high school students in her memory."

(copies of the book are available at the Fort Pelly-Livingstone Museum)

                                                                                   Pelly, the "Pearl of the Parkland".