Fort Pelly-Livingstone Museum



On Sat. June 13 the Museum was destroyed by fire. The cause of the fire is unknown, but the affect to the community and past residents is enormus. We thank you for your emails of support and sadness. Pictures of the fire are located on this site (Photo Collections/museum fire)

The Fort Pelly-Livingstone Museum, was located in the old high school in the Village of Pelly, Saskatchewan, Canada is named for the historic Hudson Bay Fort Pelly and the location of the first seat of NWT and the NWMP, Fort Livingstone. Both historic forts are within 8 km of the present day Village of Pelly.

The Directors of the Museum encouraged the museum be used for research, be it for family information, school or university essays.


The Museum will be selling prints of the museum by Bette Brandon in the near future. 


Memberships for the museum are available for purchase through the Village of Pelly Office or from Lyla Vanin at the Affinity Credit Union The membership cost is $10.

For information about the Museum please contact us by email at

                                                                                   Pelly, the "Pearl of the Parkland".