Dura Road Patching

On Saturday, Sept 21.13 two City of Yorkton employees came to Pelly to demonstrate their new Dura Patch road maintenance equipment. Ken & Joe showed up at 7 am & were prepared to put in a full day. Dave, Pelly's Village foreman, Ken & Joe patched asphalt north of the tracks on Fort Livingsyone road and west of Main St on the truck route. These spots were chosen to see if the repairs could stand up to heavy traffic,

The whole process consists of blowing out the defective road material with a high powered blower (similar to a leaf blower), covering the area to be repaired with a special oil that is applied hot, applying a mixture of oil & rock to the area, levelling, applying a layer of dry rock on the top of the repair area & finally letting the area cure for a couple of hours.

The rock used in this process is courser than sand & must be small enough to pass through the machine. The tank of oil on tha machine is quite large and lasted 7 straight hours of repairing. (click on a picture to view as a slide show)

                                                                                   Pelly, the "Pearl of the Parkland".